If you pay using your credit card directly on our website, your credit card will be charged upon approval of the total order amount. Prior to approval, your order is in the "Verification" or "On Hold" stage, during which you will not be charged. After approval, your credit card will be charged and the order will enter the "Processing" stage. If you use a third-party payment platform, e.g., PayPal, your credit card may be charged at order placement or another time.

We currently accept major international credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB. Cosmendy guarantees that your online transaction will be secure and that your credit information will be protected. See our Privacy & Security Policy. All transactions are charged when the order is approved for processing and before it is shipped out. We guarantee that you will not be billed for any additional charges not associated with the order.

All credit card transactions will be charged using the currency selected by the customer when placing the order.

Yes. For security reasons, however, our Accounting Department may contact the rightful cardholder to verify the order and the identity of the cardholder. Please note that paying with someone else's credit card will lengthen your credit card verification process and you must receive prior consent from the rightful credit card owner.

No. For your own security, YesStyle will not save your CVC number in your credit card profile.

Most credit card verifications are done automatically online by our payment gateway. We understand, however, that providing maximum protection to our customers is essential. Thus, if we are unable to verify credit card details, we may ask the customer to settle payment using an alternative method (e.g., PayPal). This process is not required for every transaction and is in place to minimize the possibility of unauthorized usage of your credit card. During the credit card verification process, your "My Account" order status will be displayed as “Verifying”. The verification usually takes 1 – 2 business days, though it can take longer if our Accounting Department requires additional information.

After your order has been placed, you may still change from using a credit card to a non-credit card payment method, as long as your order has not been approved for processing and your credit card has not yet been charged.
For example, you may change your payment method from credit card to PayPal, direct deposit, or check payment. However, you may not change your payment method from PayPal to credit card. To change your payment method, please contact Customer Service before your order has been approved.
If your order has been approved and your credit card has been charged, your request to change payment methods cannot be processed.

The billing name for Cosmendy purchases on your credit card statement is usually COSMENDY However, in some cases the transaction may be controlled by your credit card company and, depending on their policies, a different name may be listed (e.g., “PAYMENTWALL" or "PAYMENTWALL.COM”).
If you are concerned about the company name listed on your credit card statement, it is best to check with Cosmendy or your bank.

Some debit cards are accepted by our payment processor depending on your issuing bank. If your debit card is accepted, we will handle billing and refunds the same way as do with credit cards. As we cannot identify which debit cards will be accepted prior to placing an order, we recommend that you try to place an order with your debit card. If the order goes through, then our payment processor accepts your debit card. If the order is not accepted then we suggest you use a different card or payment method.

Additional shipping or handling fees will be charged to your credit card when you change your shipping method. However, the amount may be reflected on your credit card only a few days later depending on yourbank's policies. Please note that these additional fees will be reflected as a separate amount on your credit card bill than your original order payment.
Cosmendy is located in South Korea and uses an international payment gateway for its credit card transactions. Some banks or credit card companies will charge transaction fees for international purchases, which will be reflected on your credit card statement as an extra charge. Please confirm with your bank or credit card company for details of their foreign transaction fees.
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